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To see how good a printer is, you must hold something they have produced in your own hands!


We're proud of our quality standards and we'd like to give you the chance to hold something we've produced in your hands. If you would too, then please fill the form below and we'll get something to you in the post.

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There's only one way to assess a printer. See their print!

We love websites - but they've got a long way to go yet. So in the meantime, request something you can touch and feel so that you can:

See the attention to detail

We take great care to use only the best materials and equipment. We NEVER batch jobs and ALWAYS give your job the expert attention it needs.

See how we can help you

Our customers constantly tell us they couldn't find anyone else that could produce their job the way we can. We have invested heavily in the best kit and have a lot of capabilities that can help you elevate your offering. We'd love to show you.

What we will send you

Over a period of a couple of weeks, here's what we will send you:

Insider Facts. Key information about flexpress, printed on a range of different card stocks to show our range.

Books & Booklets: We're fast becoming the go to UK supplier for short and medium run book jobs with a range of bindings.

What our customers say

Why do our customers choose Flexpress' trade print services?

"Thank you guys. I got so fed up with my previous trade printer for lack of quality and quality control that I've tried Flexpress. Their spot UV velvet laminated business cards were exceptional quality with no blemishes or torn edges. Good work guys. Thank you."

- Adam Gale

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